Relationship Sessions (FL) Group Coaching

In 4 consecutive weeks, you'll get practical solutions and customizable tools to relationship challenges. These sessions are highly interactive, so get ready for accelerated growth.

You will:
1) Obstacles to Relationships/Teamwork:
Learn to respond to non-negotiable behaviors and how to hold people accountable to avoid the Ambivalence loophole (WLW 4As)

2) Communicate in Relationships/with Team:
Practice putting LOVE Languages in action for healthy communication with family, friends and colleagues (Maintain Peace)

3) Bond w/Team:
Update your relationship profile using P.I.I.E.S. to manage your energy & strengthen your screening (Conserve Energy & Resources)

4) Embody Healthy Relationships/Team:
Customize the 4Cs of LOVE to maintain consistency

Topics Include:
Non-Negotiables and the WLW 4As response, Actionable Love Languages, Update your Profile by Strengthening your profile with WLW P.I.I.E.S. systems and Embodying 4C's of Health

*All are welcome--Singles, Leadership Professionals, Friends, Family members, Colleagues, Couples: Dating, Engaged, and Married 

Wednesdays, starting Otober 11th
Location: Online via Google Hangouts
(connect on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop)
: 8:00pm-9:00pm EST 
PreWork & Details upon completed Registration

*Your contact information will be used to send you session materials and your responses will be used to customize your coaching sessions*
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