Stop holding on to old rules. It's time to Love and Enjoy, Really Love & Really Enjoy Being Coupled Up in an Intimate Relationship.
What worked in the past may not work for present day relationship engagement.
WHY Now?
It's time to demystify relationship struggle and enjoy Love at Work!

School's Back In Session For Us & You Too!
Learning Never Stops. That's why we invite you to take advantage of our Back To School Special: In Love, A Crash Course on Conscious Relationships.

We have been married for more than a decade now and honestly, it can get old if you let it. But we are determined to keep making love work for both of us. So both of us can REALLY LOVE & ENJOY each other.

We Love Love. But that wasn't always the case. Our relationship journey wasn't always easy, We both have been married before. We both have horror stories about the dating scene and trying to find the one. But we both decided to put in work to get what we desire. And what we both discovered during that decade of trial and error, is that we don't like wasting time!

Why Sign Up?: If you are
Ready to experience relationship success
Ready to process your relationship fears
Ready to end the cycle of disappointment in mediocre relationships

Then Join us IN LOVE!
Get a fresh perspective on courting, dating or healthy relationships, by joining our Conscious Relationships Crash Course...Get Tools to
#DateWoke to #CourtWoke & to enjoy co-creating the Relationship of your dreams.

How?: Join 2WLW Coaches in 4 sessions for A Crash Course on how to BE in healthy relationship.

Lovework is ever-evolving because healthy relationships are co-creative processes.
Are you ready for drama-free companionship?

What Will You Get?: In Love, A Crash Course on Conscious Relationships, You will:
Get out of Your Way--Is it an Addiction Cycle or is it Healthy Dating/Marriage? Assess your relationship and Resist these Three(3)addictive behaviors.
Get Quality not Quantity-- Get P.I.I.E.S. clarity and alignment to get the love you desire. Create/Update your profile. Call it what it is!
Be Conscious--Navigate Bad Behavior, Refine your lens, See the organic growth and Practice. Cover basic Civil Rights!
Choose Wisely--Your Conservation & Preservation Decisions are Critical. You don't get your time, energy and resources back.

Who: *All are welcome*
Date: 4 Tuesdays starting Oct 9th
Location: Online/LIVEStream via GoogleHangoutsApp
(connect on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop)
Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm EST
Includes: Preworksheet, 4 hour-long/Interactive sessions, Practice Tasks, Unlimited support
(Prework & Details upon completed Registration)
Back-To-School Special: $247pp or $487per couple for All 4 Sessions & Materials
WLW Coaches: Cullen & Elitia Mattox

*Your contact information will be used to send you session materials and your responses will be used to customize your coaching session*
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